Chief Justice


Chris Yau 

Chris Yau is a simple man, trying to make his way in the universe. While
not referencing outdated Star Wars memes, playing Bloons Tower Defense,
or walking all the way to Fondren to sharpen his pencils, he serves as Chief
Justice at Martel. He’s a junior Sport Management Major who deals with
awkward moments of silence by reenacting the speaking equivalent of the
dance-off scene from Guardians of the Galaxy. In his free time, he practices
cracking eggs without splattering them everywhere (cooking is hard), takes
photos for Martel’s Historian Committee, and on a rare occasion uploads
music videos to his eponymous YouTube Channel, Christopher Yau.

If you don’t see him around Martel, he’s probably hanging with Chi Alpha,
InterVarsity, or The Marching Owl Band and would love to plug you into
any of those!

Hey new Martelians, welcome to the Martel family! My name is Chris
Yau and I am the Chief Justice–or CJ for short–of Martel! I don’t have
an O-Week group of my own, but I’ll be here during the week and I look
forward to getting to know and make friends with each of you!

What does being the CJ mean? Pretty much I make sure all of the big public
parties at Martel have enough safety while at the same time stay super fun
for all of the students! I am the person you register your parties with, and I’ll
be training anyone who wants to be a server or host at a public party. I have
a team of 6 Associate Justices to help me with security, dealing with noise
complaints, and making sure everyone is following the Martel Constitution.