Class Representatives

[Senior] Jonathan Bunt, Eric Shi, Jackie Richards, Janani Velchamy


We are your Senior Reps – Eric, Janani, Jackie and Bunt! We work with the Senior Committee to host bonding events within our class and between other classes as well. In Parliament, we serve as the voice of our class. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that we have the best senior year possible at the best college ever!

Love, JJEB

[Junior] Kush Brahmbhatt, Sophie Clayton, Alec Gorsse, Karen Shore

Howdy! We are the 4 Martel junior class reps. We serve as liaisons between the Martel government and the junior class. Our responsibilities include updating you about what happens at Martel, through monthly minutes and Groupme, holding 2 town halls, and an interclass and intraclass bonding event each semester. Expect super fun content from us exclusively for Martelians, including a new project we are undertaking for this year: an OC non-perishable food locker for OC students. 

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or fill out the this form.

[Sophomore] Angie Chen, JJ Odell, Megha Reddy, Michael Young

Hey Martel, we’re your Sophomore Class Reps, Angie Chen, JJ Odell, Megha Reddy, and Michael Young! Our vision for this year is to create a culture and environment that encourages us all (aka sophomores at Martel) to foster meaningful connections with each other and with other classes. Throughout the year we’ll be hosting fun, casual class bonding events and town halls, so make sure to come out and get to know your fellow Martelians! Last but not least, as your class reps, our goal is to represent YOU at Parliament, as well as support any of your ideas for making Martel the absolute best college it can be. Whether it’s your wild ideas, mid-shower inspirations, spicy complaints, or passionate rants, we want to hear from you, so feel free to reach out!

[Freshmen] Diego Casanova, Casley Matthews, Zainab Niaz, Elliot Riesman-Tremonte

Hey everyone! It’s Casley, Zainab, Elliot, and Diego, and we’re your Freshman Class Representatives for the 2019-2020 school year. We’re super excited to fill this role and make our freshman year as amazing as possible. In order to best represent your interests, feel free to reach out with any suggestions or feedback you have. Over the next year, we will be holding bonding events for just Freshmen as well as with other grades both on and off-campus. More importantly, though, we hope to be friendly faces around Martel that you can trust to represent your best interests!