Hey Martel! 

We are your college secretaries: Kate Ribordy and Johnny Dang (“Katnny”). See below for a background on each of us!

As secretaries, our job is keeping you and all of Martel informed about what’s going on with the college and all of Rice. We’ll be sending out weekly emails with announcements about opportunities and events happening across campus/Houston to ensure you guys can make the best out of your Martel/Rice experience. We also record what goes on at every Parliament and recap those in the weekly minutes in case you can’t make it to parliament.

We also just started having slideshows run in the commons every Wednesday with other events going on at Rice. If you ever have something you’d like us to include in the weekly announcements or the commons slides, (or if you have a Martel Announcement theme idea) please email us at We’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP. 

Once again, if you’re ever interested in getting to know a little bit more about what we do on the EC or if you’d like to become a secretary duo one day, we are here to talk to you!

Stay Pawsitive,

~Katnny =^.^= ~

Johnny Dang

Hey y’all! I’m Johnny. I’m a sophomore from Austin, TX studying Biochemistry and English. At Martel, I’m grinding out those emails for y’all and helping out with the Alumni and Associates Committee. If I’m not around Martel, you can catch me playing the saxophone for the MOB, giving tours around campus, or trying some new restaurants in the Village/Houston (let me know if you ever want recommendations). Hope to see you guys around the best college ever! -MBYM

Kate Ribordy

Hi! I’m Kate. I’m a sophomore from the north suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and I’m studying Mechanical Engineering. As one of Martel’s secretaries, you can find me at every Parliament and Pre-Par typing away on my laptop. Apart from writing minutes and sending out announcements, I also love to sing and drink coffee (but not at the same time). If you have any questions about getting your event into Martel’s announcements or you are curious about parliament, feel free to ask me about it!