Floor Lords

The Floor Lords serve as coordinators and leaders for each of the four Martel floors, in addition to an OC “floor” lords to represent off-campus students.  They are selected at the beginning of the year by the Vice President, with the overall goal of promoting floor bonding and unity, in addition to maintaining general order.

What the Floor Lords can do for you

The Floor Lords serve a few functions. They’re an easy contact point for an entire floor, which is convenient for organizing events (as they often do). On occasion, they will organize gatherings or dinners with the Masters, and are most prominently seen organizing our annual Lights Contest in December. The OC lord has additional responsibilities, including but not limited to providing housing info and helping off-campus college members maintain a connection to campus. This program is in its infancy, but in the words of Ex-President Albers: “The Floor Captains are the string in the bead necklaces that make up Martel.” They also are the keepers of floor properties – see below.

Floor Properties

Each floor has (or will eventually have) its own vacuum and broom. They’re yours to use, free of charge – as long as you return them to the floor lord.

Floor Lords:

OC Lords: Kyler Mejia, John Williams, Jeremy Dowell, Luke Samora, Zack Yablon
First Floor Lords: Kevin Tracy, Preston Gordon, Destri White, Eddie Dugan
Second Floor Lords / Ladies: Abbey Baker, Andrew Supron, Qiu Wong, Claire Peng
Third Floor Lords: Ishan Mehta, Michael Gray, Tim Marshall, Joshua Lee, Yovhan Hoole, Samuel Gao
Fourth Floor Lords: John Rudd, Akhil Surapaneni, Colin Losey, Elliot Baerman, Keanu Mitanga, Isaiah Barth