What started as us enjoying building and decorating turned into consistently bigger projects and a tradition that Martel will keep.” – Justin Montes, Humans of Rice University 2015

Each year since 2012, Martellians have united on a mission to create in the spirit of Beer Bike, inspire new social media profile pictures, and outdo other colleges in the process. Among these Martellians are the chosen leaders of the quest, the mighty Build Heads. Equipped with paintbrushes, power tools, and a small army of volunteers, these brave adventurers brainstorm, design, construct and paint from the day the theme is announced right up until the start of Willy Week. Fun times are had by all along the way, and occasionally when the journey is done treasures such as features in The Thresher, Rice News, or the Houston Chronicle can be found, as well as side quests to the Engineering Design Showcase or even New York for the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere! When all is said and done, the Build Heads celebrate Beer Bike, satisfied that they have brought Martel together to build cool stuff, take fun photos and have a good time and already looking forward to next year’s big adventure.

Current Build: 2020

Build Heads: Amanda SuarezJonathan Bunt

If you’ve got questions or ideas or you’re interested in volunteering or becoming a Build Head, contact us!

Past Builds


The Emperor’s New Booze: Pull the Handle Kronk!

Build Heads: Gigi Rill, Amanda Suarez

Thresher Article     Rice News article     Build Reference Explanation Video


Artwork by Genesis Acosta:



Martel Comics Presents: The Amazing Cider-Man

Build Heads: Gigi Rill, Amanda Suarez, Jonathan Bunt

Thresher Article     Rice News Article & Video     Houston Chronicle     Rice Magazine Article

Artwork by Genesis Acosta:


Rick and Forty: Meseeks Alcohol

Build Heads: Gigi Rill, Zach Bodek


Artwork by Genesis Acosta:


 Game of Patrons: House Martel/A Shot of Smirnoff Ice and Fireball

Build Heads: Gigi Rill, Errol Jordheim, Chris Johnson

Entered HBO’s 2019 Create for the Throne contest & won tickets to the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere in New York

Rice News article


Artwork by Genesis Acosta:


Pikabrew: Gotta Chug ‘Em All

Build Heads: Sean LeBaw, Justin Cho, Chris Johnson, Ahmed El Gamal

Video Interview with Build Heads


Brandyland: Case Race to Rumdrop Mountain

Build Heads: Alex Weinheimer, Justin Montes

Rice Magazine Article     Thresher Build Spotlight




Drinkelodeon: ‘90s Proof

Build Heads: Alex Weinheimer, Justin Montes, Matt Johnson

Rice Magazine Article


Alepocalypse: The End is Beer

Build Heads: Alex Weinheimer, Justin Montes

Rice Magazine Article