Diversity Council

The Martel Diversity Council was created to celebrate the diversity of Martelians through facilitating conversations, increasing social awareness, fostering an inclusive environment, and encouraging a culture of care for everyone. We have held events such as Pride Week, the Holi color festival, Latin movie night, dinner chats on controversial topics, and subsidized tickets for shows like the Vagina Monologues. We encourage any members of Martel College to come to us with ideas for conversations or events they think would be beneficial for our community. We would love to meet you, so feel free to reach out!

Diversity Council Heads

Nishant Pradhan: nmp5@rice.edu  |  Mallory Newbern: mfn1@rice.edu

Diversity Council Members

Christina Stoner: cas24@rice.edu  |  Shruti Wadhwa: sw58@rice.edu

Anushi Singhal: aaa24@rice.edu  |  Emma Siegel: ems16@rice.edu

Shane DiGiovanna: spd5@rice.edu  |  Lauren Ma: wm16@rice.edu

Milkessa Gaga: mkg7@rice.edu  |  Karina Cavazos: kac17@rice.edu


To find more information, please see our Facebook page  or Email the Council