Floor Lords

Floor Lords are chosen in the beginning of the Fall Semester. One suite from each floor and one off-campus group get selected for a total of 5 sets of Floor Lords. All on-campus Floor Lords receive a vacuum and swiffer for use by their floor. They also plan bonding events to promote floor culture at Martel.


[First Floor- Room 106] 

Grace Forbes, Rachel Shoemaker, Zainab Niaz, Doris Xu, Maggie Wang, Danielle Keranen

[2nd Floor – Room 224] 

Astitva Soni, Yeejin Yuk, Jonathan Bunt, Justin Tang, Matthew Wester, Peter Rizzi, Andrew Stefani

[3rd Floor – 324] 

Briley Mullin, Anh Tran, Solana Buchanan, Leah Kanihan, Ellie Clermont, Jackie Richards

[4th Floor – 409]

Danielle Rizk, Isabelle de la Iglesia, Anne Gao, Bridget Lee

[OC – Bolsover St]

Romi Lee, Nishant Pradhan, Maddy Scannell, Ali Oh