Martel Mentors

The Martel Society of Academic Mentors is an honorary service organization dedicated to advancing the academic life of the college. Mentors provide free academic assistance to their peers. They organize study groups, hold review sessions, and provide one-on-one peer tutoring. As a group, Mentors also organize speakers, symposia, and other events to promote a positive educational and intellectual environment within the college. They deliver workshops on time management, note taking, study skills, and exam preparation as well as matters related to navigating academic life at Rice. Additionally, Mentors participate in campus-wide meetings to collaborate and share resources with Academic Fellows and Mentors from other residential colleges. They also attend tutor seminars to enhance their teaching and learning strategies. Mentors are selected based on academic achievement and college citizenship.

Below are the Names, Net IDs, Areas of Study, & Graduation Years of Martel Mentors.

Mark Berger mjb13 Mathematical Economics; History; Business Minor 2021
Sophie Clayton slc9 Cognitive Sciences; Psychology; Business Minor 2021
John Elizarraras jme10 Bioengineering 2022
Daniel Fay dpf2 Electrical Engineering 2021
Sophia Gereta sg61 Biochemistry & Cell Biology 2020
Katie Givan kdg4 Chemical & Biological Engineering 2021
Rachel Lisker rl51 History; Medical Humanities 2020
Micah Martin mam27  English; Museums & Cultural Heritage Minor 2021
Cody Meng cxm2 Physics; Computational & Applied Mathematics Minor 2021
Sonali Mitra sm116 Neuroscience; Biochemistry & Cell Biology Minor 2021
Shaan Nagy san7 undecided 2022
Flora Park fsp1 Biochemistry & Cell Biology 2021
Tanner Reese tcr2 Biochemistry & Cell Biology; Neuroscience Minor 2020
Peter Rizzi pmr3 Computer Science 2020
Eric Shi els7 Sociology; Policy Studies; Business Minor; Politics, Law, & Social Thought Minor 2020
Astitva Soni aps8 Biochemistry & Cell Biology; Kinesiology; Medical Humanities Minor 2020
Charis Tang ct46 Piano Performance; Business Minor 2022
Justin Tang jet9 Bioengineering 2020
Jackson Taylor jst4 Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 2020
Su Chen Teh st53 Economics; Environmental Engineering 2020
Hannah Towbin hmt1 Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Biochemistry & Cell Biology Minor; Medical Humanities Minor 2021
Shruti Wadhwa sw58 Cognitive Sciences; Neuroscience Minor 2021
Jenny Wang jw74 Kinesiology; Visual & Dramatic Arts 2020
Zhuoran Yao zy21 Bioengineering; Biochemistry & Cell Biology Minor 2021