Processed with VSCOHey there! Welcome to Martel–the Google search confirmed “best college ever.” 🙂

My name is Ly Nguyen, and I am the current Martel President. I’m a senior studying Kinesiology Sports Medicine with a minor in Biochemistry and am what people would call “one of those pre-med kids.” In the past, I’ve been involved with the Rice Pre-Medical Society, Rice Habitat for Humanity, PAIR, and served as the Director of College Relations and Concerts Co-Chair of Rice Program Council (RPC). I’m currently working as a medical scribe for The Heard Clinic and a research assistant with the Rice Psychology Department. My interests include tennis, coffee, food, and taking pictures of the aforementioned coffee and food and finding the perfect VSCOcam filter for them (shameless plug: follow me on Instagram @lyngu94).

So, what does being Martel President mean?

Bottom line: I represent YOU, Martel. I work and meet with a lot of people, within and outside of Martel, to ensure that Martel remains the best. college. ever. I work closely with the Martel EC (executive council) as well as the A-Team (Martel Masters and RAs) to plan the weekly Parliament meetings and other aspects of the college. I also meet with the other college presidents and Rice administration on a weekly basis to voice your interests, opinions, and concerns. Which brings me to my mission statement as President for Martel:

This is YOUR Martel. I want to make sure that everyone can have the opportunity to speak up and to contribute to this place they call home, whether it be Martel or Rice as a whole. It’s honestly very humbling and a true privilege to be able to work with such amazing people and to have the opportunity to meet with administration who can ultimately make decisions that affect all of us. And I don’t want to waste those meetings and time with these people with just my measly thoughts–my job is to represent ALL of you, and I want to do that well. I want to make sure that everyone feels like they are being heard by creating as many outlets as possible for people to voice their ideas and opinions. Like the Martel What-Ifs Facebook page and submit your ideas anonymously! Come to Parliament and contribute to the discussion! Think Martel needs a trampoline? Working on it. Want to turn the quad into an outdoor movie theatre for a night? Let’s make it happen. Want to start your own committee with your own budget? Go for it!

If you think that something can be better at Martel or at Rice, don’t feel like you’re powerless! Talk to your advisors, your EC, your class reps, ME. I’m here for you 24/7–Facebook message me, email me, text me, call me, GroupMe me, Slack me, Instagram DM me, Owl-Space chat me–if I can’t help you myself, I’ll be sure to connect you to the people who can. Also, feel free to hit me up even if you just want chat and say hi!

So take the initiative–this is YOUR Martel, your home, your family–let’s bring that MBYM spirit and make this the best year yet at the best college ever!

Much love and MBYM,