423 Resident Associates (RAs)

http://elissarphotography.comWe’re Ben and Taylor, the fourth floor RAs! As alumni of both Rice and Martel, we are excited to be back on campus and part of this fun, unique, challenging, and caring community again.

Just a little background info on us—Taylor, a native Texan from Beaumont, works outside the hedges as a transactional attorney for Harris Health System, where she drafts contracts and advises Harris County hospitals and clinics. She is always happy to answer questions about the LSAT or anything related to law school. Ben, who grew up in Atlanta, has a master’s degree in Middle Eastern studies and is the policy assistant to the director of the Baker Institute on campus. He also works as a research assistant for the institute’s Center for the Middle East. You may overhear us at dinner in the commons talking (read: disagreeing) about the latest news story (or the latest happenings on Game of Thrones) so feel free to jump in any time!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We love hanging out at Martel and around Rice in our free time. We’re always out walking (or more likely chasing) our dog P. Seamus around campus or jogging around the outer loop. We’ve been known to run a marathon or half marathon, but usually prefer to hang out in front of the tv with one of our favorite shows or movies. We enjoy traveling to new places and studied abroad while at Rice (Taylor in Germany and Ben in Morocco), but we also love exploring Houston and trying out restaurants, museum exhibits, coffee shops and activities around the city.

Be on the lookout for RA study breaks, movie nights, cookouts and other events. We also want to hear your ideas for fun Martel get-togethers!

Taylor, Ben, and P. Seamus