Student Maintenance Rep

The Student Maintenance Representative (SMR) is in charge of helping you. She’s got the tools to loft or deloft your bed, and some other stuff, too. She acts as a liaison between H&D and Martel, so she’ll also occasionally provide you with free pizza and drinks (when she has to set off the fire alarms) and give you important info about any problems we might be having with things like utilities. She also has the keys to Martel: literally. So if you’re locked out (or your fancy new card-operated lock fails), find this gal and she’ll let you in. (Of course, if you can’t find her, you can call H&D or RUPD and they’ll let you in.)

Student Maintenance Representative

Emmie Ledesma

Helpful Maintenance-type Links:

In case of maintenance emergencies (e.g. heavy leaking), call the Central Plant: 713.348.4095

General Maintenance Issues — Submit a work order

Telephone Issues — call 713.348.5555 or email

Internet or Computer Issues — call or email Help Desk, 713.348.4357 or