Martel Academics

libraryYou’re in the best college ever, so it only makes sense that you have the best resources available to you, and when it comes to academics the PAAs and the Martel Mentors have your back.

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Peer Academic Advisors (PAAs)

PAAs are students trained by the Office of Academic Advising — the brainchild of our very own ex-RA and current Associate, Brian Gibson — in the intricacies of Rice academics. Their knowledge of the Rice academic system, particularly of degree requirements, goes beyond that of the average student: they keep up on changes made to graduation requirements, help prepare incoming students during O-Week, and generally serve as stellar resources. If you’ve got a question about something in the General Announcements (or need to know what the General Announcements are!), these are the people you should talk to.

Martel is very big on the idea of family. And incorporated in this idea is that like a family, we should all help each other in which ever way we can. That is where the creation of the Martel Mentors comes from.


Martel Mentors

Martel Mentors are not your average tutors, they consist of the most approachable, and most helpful people in the entire Martel community and will never back away from helping you with your homework, let it be a paper, a problem set, and even studying for tests. The best part is that you can find a mentor in virtually every major that will most likely have taken the exact classes you are in semesters past.

Office Hours: Sunday nights in the commons