Service Hours

New Students

Every new student is required to complete at least four hours of volunteering through any of Martel’s events in order to get more favorable positioning in room draw. The hours are split up so that two must be completed in the Fall Semester and two in the Spring Semester. Those that do not complete their hours are in jeopardy for not getting the room they want sophomore year.

The hours can be split up however liked and there will be numerous opportunities throughout the year to get your hours done from the first public party Texas Party to Beach Party at the end of the year and everything in between like Oktoberfest, Martel’s college nights, and even helping set up for associates dinners and such.


Every upperclassman has the opportunity to complete 2 service hours during the course of the year to receive an additional 0.25 points during room draw. This boost will help you choose a suite before others in your grade.

Read Service Hour FAQS