Spaces and Stacks

Reserving Space at Martel

Interested in reserving one of our classrooms, the PDR, or other spaces at Martel?
You can now do it on your own! Just go HERE and fill out your own reservation. You can also see what else is already reserved at the same time!

The VP still monitors the page but if you have any questions feel free to text/message/email our VP, Russell Kielawa, at 631-357-0231 or


Stacks Reps

The Stacks are the prized possessions of Martel and without them we would be the best college ever… without music. The stacks can be seen at most of Martel’s major events and always blasting music on Fridays to celebrate the coming of the much awaited weekend. So you may ask, who can we trust with such vital instruments to Martel’s identity? Fret not because we have found the answers in three young, brave souls of Steve An and Alex Kim, and Zack Lee. These are the guys you want to talk too when you have any song suggestions on Fridays or want to reserve the stacks for an event.

You can contact them at

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