An Important Message to Our Martel Family

Martel Stands with Black Lives Matter

We are writing this to urge all Martelians to commit to anti-racism, allyship, and inclusivity by getting involved in student initiatives and recognizing your unique roles at Rice and beyond. 

We know that Martel is more than just a college, but a family.  As a family, we must be committed to ensuring that Martel values inclusivity and supports every member of its community. With this in mind, in wake of the events from the past month and the increased awareness about injustices that Black Americans face, we want to spread this message. To our Black Martelians, we understand that this is a constant and exhausting discussion, so if you do not feel like you are in a space to read further, please do not worry. To the rest of the Martel family, what follows is something that each and every one of you needs to read.

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