Packing List

What to bring

What you can buy in Houston

What Martel has for you

  1. Clothing: People dress pretty casually on campus and during O-Week. However, always have those few fancier outfits for campus and college wide events (Martel keeps it classy.)
  2. Money: you might want some cash just in case your bank’s ATMs are not near campus. Rice has two Chase ATMs located in the Student Center and Fondren Library.
  3. A few clothing items you won’t miss. Houston is hot and you’ll sweat through a lot of clothes. (Be sure to bring a pair of shoes/flip flops that you can throw away at the end of O-Week!)
  4. A phone: It could be super helpful.
  5. Possibly a computer or laptop.
  6. Your roommate’s phone number: Make sure to contact your roommates and suitemates so you can coordinate what to bring.
  7. Copies of important documents (e.g. birth certificate, passport): so your parents don’t have to send it later.
  8. Your O-Week Book!
  1. School Supplies: basic school supplies (Target is around the corner, so you can wait until you get here.)
  2. Bed linens: pillow, XL twin sheets, comforter or blanket.
  3. Laundry Items: laundry basket or bag, high-efficiency detergent and dryer sheets.
  4. Toiletries: Stay fresh and clean with some deodorant.
  5. Bathroom Items: towels and maybe bathrobe.
  6. Houston Specific Items: rain-boots, umbrella, mosquito spray. Seriously though.
  7. Desk Items: alarm clock, desk lamp, backpack, power strips or extension cords.
  8. Plates and/or eating utensils for those late nights you’re craving Ramen.
  9. Bicycle
  10. Extra room furniture: All Martel suites have common rooms, so some furniture could be nice.
  1. Washers and Dryer
  2. Vacuums
  3. Light bulbs for Room Lights
  4. Trashcans
  5. Microwaves, Refrigerators for Rent through H&D.
  6. Ovens. (Martel has a newly built kitchen).
  7. TVs: We have a large public TV Room but not in individual suites.
  8. Movies: we have a vast movie collection.
  9. Desks, Wardrobes, and Drawers.