Anna Margaret Clyburn

Hey Martel!

My name is Anna Margaret, and I’m your Martel President for this upcoming year!

I am a rising junior at Martel studying History and French. Although I’m proud to now call Houston, TX my home, I’m originally from Wilmington, NC — another Southern city where 40º counts as cold. In my free time I love to run, swim, lay in the sun, and eat cool vegan bites with my friends, so if any of these things interest you please let me know and I’d love to enjoy them with you! However, my favorite thing of all isn’t one of these hobbies listed above — it’s actually working with members of our Martel community.


As President, it is my job to ensure that your voices are heard and that your needs are met. I’m your advocate, your ally, your confidante, and most of all, your friend. You can call me for anything — whether it be about the decor in our Common spaces or an idea for how to bring Martelians together — and I’ll be there to listen to and support you moving forward. As President I’ve welcomed Martelians into my home to celebrate successes and to process losses — which is to say that I’m there for you for all of your highs and your lows.

You may be thinking “But what does this sort of work look like in a practical sense?” This is a great and important question! It means that I organize all Martel Government functioning and represent Martel on a campus-wide scale. The most visible part of my role is leading the weekly government meetings, known as Parliament, at which ALL Martelians are welcome. I highly encourage you to join us at these meetings — the more people there, the better the conversations! I also attend Senate each week, or the weekly Student-Association (campus-wide government) meetings that are also open to all students. Behind the scenes I meet with administrators such as the Dean of Undergraduates to discuss ways to improve the Rice community. I also work on projects in Martel and campus-wide government to make our community more accessible and inclusive, in addition to helping YOU with any project that you want to see come to live at Rice! If you see a way that Rice or Martel can be improved, I can connect you with nearly any resource that you may need to make that idea become a reality. I want to help you grow and succeed, just as I want to make Martel as strong a community as possible.

Martel is a family. Our community values dialogue, inclusivity, compassion, and understanding. Because of this, my goal in my role as President is to support you in any and every way that I can — both individually and in the decisions we make that shape Martel. Please know that throughout your time at Rice that my home is and always will be open to you for anything and everything that you may need — even if that’s just to be heard.

Thanks so much for reading, and I’m so looking forward to meeting you soon!

Much love,

Anna Margaret