Despite our youth, we at Martel College have accumulated many traditions since 2002. The great thing about being young is that we can learn new tricks; while other colleges are stuck with the antiquated ways of their founders, we are the founders. New traditions are starting at Martel just about every year. So perk up: someday we might have one named after you…


Odds are, you’ll hear a lot about Μαρτελ (Map-tek).
Of course, the only thing you’ll learn on this page is that it’s awesome.

Be ready …Μαρτελ is coming.

Don’t Mess With Texas

423708_155004541305310_432209920_nMartel throws the first and last college-hosted public parties of each academic year (each college typically throws one per semester – we just managed to score the best dates). We are the scrumptious bread in the sandwich that is your year at Rice. It all starts with our “Don’t Mess With Texas” party: a welcome to those who are new here, and a revival to those who have lived here all their lives and still can’t get enough. Obviously, it’s Texas-themed, as a way to welcome out-of-staters to the “unique” culture that is Texas. Grab your boots and lasso, and head out to the Sundeck.


10628835_1719994211559315_4050779021034235582_oMartel, despite its Greek heritage, decided to take the best things from every country.
Naturally, we picked Oktoberfest from Germany (which, incidentally, has a very intricate cultural relationship with Texas). Every October, we throw a huge grillout in the Quad, German-style. Brats and ‘basa is served for all (with a few extra-special imports to quench the thirst of those of age), with live music and Martel family spirit all around.

The Holidays

 We didn’t invent the holidays either, but we do some cool stuff around them. In addition to the slough of study breaks hosted by everyone from our RAs and Magisters to Associates and President Leebron – all in an effort to get you to forget about finals for a few minutes! — we usually have our own holiday party. Our Spirits Committee is in charge of getting together a tree for Martel Commons, which students are free to decorate. We cap off the last Friday of the Fall semester with Holiday Party, a night of food, friends and karaoke. In the past, we’ve had Secret Santa exchanges, gingerbread house-making, and goofy sweater competitions.

Greek Week

This is the big one! While Rice doesn’t have “Greek Life,” Martel does – at least by virtue of our namesake. Every year, for a week, we celebrate our first move in day (January 28) as well as the Greek heritage of our founding father, Speros P. Martel. It’s a week of non-stop Martel love, in which we’ll have fancy dinners, movie nights, karaoke, Greek-themed Parliament, and our famous man-geant to crown a new Mr. Martel! Every year, Greek Week concludes with our annual Birthday Party! SIGMA PI MU PRIDE!

Willy Week

Beer Bike is one of the most exciting days of the academic year, from the break of dawn and throughout the day you get to show off your college pride. And since Martel College is the BEST college ever, our Willy Week (the week leading up to Beer Bike) is the best across campus. We fill water balloons, play pranks on other colleges, build a monument on the sun deck (in past years: a Mayan Temple, a two story, gigantic SpongeBob Pineapple, and an Upside-Down Room), have fun activities, and we always have the best theme.

OWL_8623So, what happens on Beer Bike? You start the morning by dancing on the sundeck (which everyone on campus comes to, and I mean everyone because we weren’t joking when we said we throw the best Willy Week), then head to a cheer battle, followed by a massive water balloon fight. Then you go eat all of the food (EAT THE FOOD!) at the race track as well as cheer on Martel at the races! If you want to be part of races and represent Martel, you can be a biker, pit-crew member, or a chugger! I guarantee that on the day of Beer Bike you’ll be reminded that you are at the BEST COLLEGE EVER. Check out the who’s a Beer Bike Coordinator this year and be sure to follow Martel College Beer Bike for news on this year’s Willy Week!

Beach Party

10520382_10204602758051998_5509661310763910164_oIf you read all of this, you already know that Martel throws the first (Don’t Mess with Texas) and last party of the year. Beach Party celebrates the return of (ridiculously) warm weather to Houston, and offers a nice reprieve from studying (and study breaks) before finals begin.


Pure Domination

Seriously though. From O-Week to Beer Bike to Beach Party, Martel does it best. There’s a reason our events are the most attended on campus. Is the Willy Week theme for the year “Ale-pocalypse”? Awesome. We’ll spend weeks building a Mayan Temple. Is the Willy Week theme “Drinkelodeon: 90’s Proof”? Swag. We’ll build a giant SpongeBob’s pineapple house. We want our Holiday Party to be the best it’s ever been? Easy. Let’s make a circus tent of lights in the commons. Across campus, Rice students come to Martel to see our dedication to be the best. If you have an unconventional mind and knack for making things amazing, you’re right for Martel.