Resident Health Advisors

Your friendly, neighborhood RHA team is always here to:

  1. Answer basic health and wellness-related questions.
  2. Supply emergency items including condoms, bandages, antibiotics, earplugs, etc. A full list can be found below.
  3. Put on fun, engaging programs at the college to promote wellness.
  4. Discuss any personal problem or issue in a confidential setting. We are Mental Health First Aid Certified!

RHAs have access to basic first aid supply kits with the following:

Sterile Gauze Pads     Aminofen*     Thermometers     Cough Drops

Astroglide     Condoms     Bandaids     Ace Bandages

Antibiotic Ointment     Ibuprofen*     Hydrocortisone Cream     Antiseptic Wipes

Feminine Products     Face Masks     Earplugs     Cold Compresses

2019 – 2020 Martel RHA Team

Astitva Soni (908) 502-1600 Senior
Kush Brahmbhatt (612) 296-9526 Junior
Shelbi Armstrong (918) 574 – 4122 Junior
Rebecca Egan (303) 888-3803 Sophomore
Paras Gupta (832) 691-0261 Junior
Stefanie King (830) 265-8683 Junior
Eric Shi (832) 496-7782 Senior
Karen Shore (503) 704-5432 Junior