Financial Accessibility

Martel Accessibility Fund

This fund was created by and for students two years ago to ensure that every Rice student has access to the best possible experience, regardless of financial background. This money is allocated from the Martel budget every year because Martel prioritizes accessibility 🙂 
     This fund is available for students to request money for any need or desire they have! Some examples of requests that have previously been approved include:
  • textbooks
  • graduation regalia
  • class fees
  • Martel merchandise
  • tickets to Rondelet, Esperanza, Senior Gala or other campus wide events
      Also, the Magisters have agreed to fund any other random requests students have that will improve YOUR Rice experience including:
  • splitting an Air BnB to take a trip with friends
  • paying for an off campus dinner or event (like a movie, ice skating, rock climbing, etc.)
  • trips (such as with a class, alternative spring break, with your peers or in any way that will enhance your Rice experience)
  • Rice bookstore merch
  • graduate/medical/law school application support
  • medical needs
  • Uber/transportation/gas money
Long story short, NO requests will be considered dumb, silly, unnecessary or unimportant. Rather, the fund will try to cover any and all requests it receives. If, however, a request can’t be accomodated through the fund our A-Team will get you in contact with another resource on campus that can fulfill your request!
The form is anonymous and the only people who will see your request are Bonnie, Carrie and Frank. They have a no questions asked policy and will not be checking financial aid so all students with a need qualify.
Please reach out to Anna Margaret, Bonnie or the Magisters if you have any questions!