Submitting P-Card Receipts

This page is for the Treasurers to publish the information you need to know, either for PCard use or in the reimbursement processes. If you have any questions about the info here, you can email Flora and Mark, the Martel Treasurers.

The Reimbursement Process

You can download a PDF of the notes here. The PDF has all the details if you’re dealing with some of the more eccentric reimbursement situations, like hiring performers.

General Notes on Receipts

To be reimbursed, you must have an itemized receipt. (Itemized means that we can look and see the price for each item that you purchased.) Once you make a purchase, turn in your receipts as soon as possible. Keep in mind that we don’t reimburse for sales tax, so make sure to use the Rice Tax Free form. If you need the form, copies are available in the College Coordinator’s office. Additionally, the Rice Tax Exempt Code is on every PCard.

Petty Cash (receipts up to $100)

There are a few different ways that we can use petty cash to make (or reimburse for) purchases. This is faster than a check request, which is the way usual reimbursements work, but we can only use $100 in petty cash for any single receipt.

Bring an itemized receipt. The Treasurers will fill out the necessary form for you. Take the voucher to the Cashier’s Office (in the Allen Center) and return the yellow carbon copy to the Treasurers. The Cashier’s Office is open weekdays 8–3 pm, and they will require that you have ID with you.

Check Requests (receipts over $100)

Make sure to have an itemized receipt. Get a check request form from the Treasurers and fill out the necessary stuff. Give it back to them. Check requests generally take 3 to 5 business days (officially).

I lost my receipt. Now what?

If you lost your receipt, you’re not totally screwed. (But don’t do it again.) Get a missing receipt affidavit from the Treasurers and fill it out. These reimbursements take 1 week (officially).


For large purchases, the best thing to do is ask for an invoice. It takes Rice about a week to do the payment on an invoice, so make sure that you get the invoice to the Treasurers at least a week before it’s due. Tell the vendor that the invoice will be paid by the University, and ask them to notify you when it has been paid.

Inter-Departmental Transfers (IDTs)

Interdepartmental transfers are for paying other departments at Rice (H&D, RUPD, REMS, etc). You should discuss the option of an IDT with the department you’re working with, and tell the Treasurers the purpose and amount of the transfer. These should only take one day to process.