Martel runs on a system of student self-governance. While the Magisters, RAs, and College Coordinator serve as great advisors to the college, it is ultimately up to the students to decide what decisions are best for the college.

When most people think of Martel’s government, they probably envision Martel’s Parliament, an elected voting body that meets publically once per week. However, they would also be missing a substantial portion of Martel’s student government. Martel’s government is a host of moving parts that include its committee system, its campus-wide liaisons, and even its O-Week Coordinators, who serve as representatives of the incoming class. This system couldn’t work without all of its moving parts — every member of the Martel government team is essential. 

  • The President runs all Parliament meetings and represents Martel at the campus-wide level.
  • The Vice President is responsible for all Martel spaces and thus any space requests throughout the year. She is also in charge of parking jack and room draw as well as service hours. The Vice President also oversees the class representatives.
  • The Prime Minister is responsible for overseeing all student-led Committees and events. They select committee heads, members, and shadows, as well as ensure they have the resources and support needed to be successful during event planning.
  • The Treasurers are in charge of our finances. Each college is designated a budget which we can spend on various events and activities throughout the year: our treasurers make sure we don’t overspend out limits!
  • The Secretaries make sure the college stays informed of all Martel and Rice happenings with weekly announcements and minutes from Parliament.
  • The Chief Justice and Associate Justices, as part of the College Court, keep order at Martel by upholding the Code of Student Conduct and acting as a liaison between Martel students and the University judicial system if something goes awry.
  • The Class Representatives ensure that their respective class is fully informed and has a voice by attending all Parliament meetings and hosting Town Halls & class bonding events.
  • The O-Week Coordinators work to make the transition to college life seamless for each incoming class of new students.
  • The Beer Bike Coordinators plan Willy Week, a campus-wide celebration culminating in Beer Bike.

We encourage you to reach out to and learn about all of your government members. They are great resources for anything from Martel information to life advice, and we are confident that they would all be happy to chat with you about what they do. If you find yourself interested in helping them with their work or eventually running or applying for their positions, don’t be afraid to let them know! We’re sure they’d be happy to help.