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When you hear the word Parliament you probably think of British people in ridiculous wigs arguing with each other. Whilst we here at Martel don’t wear elaborate hair pieces or speak in accents (well, most of us don’t), our government serves the same purpose. Martel’s Parliament is the governing body that is in charge of all official happenings around the college. Completely student led, Parliament is made up of two main groups: the Executive Council (EC) and the House of Commons. The Executive Council is made up of seven individuals: the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, two Treasurers, and two Secretaries.

  • The President runs all Parliament meetings and represents Martel at the campus-wide level.
  • The Vice President is responsible for all Martel spaces—she is in charge of parking jack and room draw as well as any space requests throughout the year.
  • The Prime Minister is in charge of all committees. He selects the committee chairs and ensures that committees keep on track with any events they are planning.
  • The Treasurers are in charge of our finances. Each college is designated a budget which we can spend on various events and activities throughout the year: our treasurers make sure we don’t overspend out limits!
  • The Secretaries make sure the college stays informed of all Martel and Rice happenings with weekly announcements and minutes from Parliament.
  • The House of Commons is comprised of four representatives from each class.  

You can also check out past Parliament Minutes!