Diversity Facilitators

Camille Pierre-Louis

Camille Pierre-Louis is a Junior from Hanszen College, originally hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is one of Martel’s Diversity Facilitators! Cami studies Political Science primarily, but that is not her only passion. She is a polyglot, a person who speaks several languages including Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, and French. Cami is a self-made woman, coming from a low-income background and working her way to saving $1 million through pure effort and financial savvy. She has even developed a course designed to teach money management to other first-generation college students from low-income backgrounds. Despite her class load, she is also a teacher, and tutors various students of all ages in the Houston area. If one has the arduous task of boiling Cami down to one word, that word would be “ambitious,” as she is always planning and finding a way around any obstacle in her path. When you meet her, it’ll be clear to see that she is such a strong and a positive person who seeks to grow while uplifting all those around her!

Camille is a member of the Legally Bond advising team.


Wei-Lin Hsiao

Wei-Lin Hsiao is a Junior at Duncan College, and one of the Diversity Facilitators for Martel O-Week! This Computer Science and Statistics major from Taiwan is excited to be in Houston for two main reasons– to get a job at a big tech company and to sing on The Voice. Intense, cute, and (sometimes) stressed, this guy is really one of a kind. Wei-Lin is the definition of multi-faceted, spending some days tucked away studying, finishing his coursework while managing his various involvements, but other days will be omnipresent, holding you accountable and making sure you get your stuff done. He knows what is important to him, and spends much of his time helping people succeed. This guy will definitely say a lot of sarcastic, serious, and sarcastically serious things, but rest assured that his advice is worth listening to!

Wei-Lin is a member of the Singin’ in the Rainbow Road advising team.