Legally Bond

Matthew Wester

Matthew Wester is a rising Martel Senior studying Bioengineering, although in his heart he is an electrical engineer. He hails from Springfield, Missouri – a land full of caves, forests, and Springfield-style cashew chicken. He can be found in the library or the OEDK during most hours of the day but is always down for a good hangout. Matthew enjoys a variety of academic topics in medical instrumentation and device design and jumps at the prospect of a new signal to process. When there’s time for non-major classes at Rice, he has enjoyed learning to write poetry. He also recently picked up the guitar, which he plays during most of his free time. Matthew has personified the spirit of the owl, often working late into the night, and has used his time in Houston to build up expertise at navigating Craigslist and the city of Houston as a whole. He has spent time doing research at MD Anderson and is excited to be spending this summer in Tanzania with the Rice 360˚ Institute for Global Health. Come to Matthew if you are thinking about learning an instrument at Rice, undecided on which major to pursue, or looking for the best unknown studying spots around campus!


Angie Chen

Meet the one, the only, Angie Chen! This Martel Sophomore Computer Science major and Chicago native is not only athletic (catch her riding her skateboard to a late night gym sesh), but she’s also HIGHLY artistic. If she’s not soaking up the sun in Martel’s quad, she’s probably practicing her calligraphy in her bullet journal and planning out her weekly schedule of grinding out projects, volunteering at the Rice’s Women’s Resource Center, sparking change in Martel’s college government as a class representative, watching countless World of Dance videos, and taking the most aesthetic photos anywhere she goes. Angie is not only kindhearted and ~wholesome~, but she’s known by her friends to be energetic, easy-to-talk-to, and extremely dependable. Always up for a spontaneous throwback karaoke session, hip-hop dance break out, or Quinn XCII concert, this girl loves to laugh and have fun. Be prepared for long talks on the latest Netflix rom-coms, soccer replay videos, and for her amazing piano rendition of “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. Congrats on getting this gem of an Advisor!


Camille Pierre-Louis

Camille Pierre-Louis is a Junior from Hanszen College, originally hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is one of Martel’s Diversity Facilitators! Cami studies Political Science primarily, but that is not her only passion. She is a polyglot, a person who speaks several languages including Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, and French. Cami is a self-made woman, coming from a low-income background and working her way to saving $1 million through pure effort and financial savvy. She has even developed a course designed to teach money management to other first-generation college students from low-income backgrounds. Despite her class load, she is also a teacher, and tutors various students of all ages in the Houston area. If one has the arduous task of boiling Cami down to one word, that word would be “ambitious,” as she is always planning and finding a way around any obstacle in her path. When you meet her, it’ll be clear to see that she is such a strong and a positive person who seeks to grow while uplifting all those around her!


Randy Liu

This dude’s a bit of a walking meme, not gonna lie. Let me introduce you to THE Randy “Big-Name-On-Campus” Liu. This Lovett Junior Kinesiology and Political Science double major hails from Dallas, TX, and if he doesn’t immediately enlighten you with some certified pre-med knowledge, then call EMS because something is seriously wrong. King of the dad-joke and master of whatever hip new dance move is sweeping the nation at the time, Randy is the perfect person to come to whenever you need a warm hug and a deep laugh. You can usually catch him at Lovett playing Super Smash Bros. or driving down Main Street listening to Rex Orange County and Anderson Paak. Get ready for O-Week, because Randy can’t wait to share his infectious energy with each and every one of you!