Taco Bell Bottoms

Liseth Perez

While this small chicken (term coined by her most awesome friend) may seem reserved and quiet at first, she is anything but. Hailing from Miami, Liseth is a little ball of fun always down to do anything- even if at first she says she can’t because “she has to study.” And once you get to know her, you realize quiet is not in her vocabulary. She is a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Global Health. She is also involved in about a million things (no exaggeration) and is passionate about them all! She is always down to dance to any Latin music and probably holds the record for most episodes watched in one sitting. She would probably trade her besties for the dollar menu at Taco Bell, but it’s okay because TACO BELL. No joke, though, she is actually a great listener and hype-woman. Overall, she is an amazing and powerful young lady always ready to help those around her. So get ready for an awesome Liseth-filled O-Week!

Jaylen Carr

Whether you want to talk about the best place to find boba, what memes are trending, or anything on your mind, Jaylen has you covered. This Seattle native is studying Cognitive Sciences with a focus in Neuroscience. Don’t let Jaylen fool you when he says he’s an “alright” Super Smash Bros player, because he finished with the competitive circuit in Washington and moved to Houston to see if the competition was any better. This sophomore plays upright bass in a jazz combo and enjoys running extremely short distances (good for when he wakes up a few minutes before class starts). Beyond that, Jaylen is involved in the Black Student Alliance, the Black Male Leadership Initiative, the Rice African Students Association, and serves as an Associate Justice at Martel. Compassionate and genuine, Jaylen is one of the most supportive people you’ll meet!

Sanika Rane

If you are looking for someone to get a good laugh with at bad memes, to eat with at good restaurants, and to watch TV shows with, Sanika Rane is your girl. She may be majoring in Kinesiology (Health Sciences) and minoring in Global Health Technologies, but she wishes she was majoring in Dog Petting and minoring in Thai Food. Sanika is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and she will remind you of this any chance she gets. She is a junior graduating in 2020, but she still feels like a third-grader, especially when she jams out to old Disney Channel songs. And remember, if you ever need anyone to go to Taco Bell with, you know who to call!

Saurabh Harohalli

Let’s take a second to taco ‘bout the great man known as Saurabh Harohalli from the glorious town of Overland Park, Kansas. This senior studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering is truly a Renaissance man; his tastes are varied and artful (much like the Cravings menu of Taco Bell). Seriously, he dabbles in everything. He’s the Student Director for the Rice Center of Engineering Leadership (RCEL), an Academic Fellow at Brown College (his home college), a Tour Guide, a master chef and servery critic – the list goes on. Saurabh is also incredibly passionate about nature documentaries and bird-watching (he literally uses the textbook for a Field Bird Biology Lab as pleasure reading). And that’s not even all, folks: the man can SING. He’s a part of Basmati Beats a cappella group. And I know what you’re thinking, there’s no way this guy can get better. But y’all, this man has a PERSONALITY, and an incredible one to boot. He’s the most loyal friend you’ll have during your time here, with one of the most infectious laughs ever: it can literally last for 10 minutes. What’s truly incredible about him is that he balances all his involvement and questionable sense of humor with the most incredible ability to listen and make you feel listened to. Saurabh is everyone’s go-to, and he can’t wait to be yours! Prepare for an incredible O-Week and beyond, because you’ve just landed one of the most quality human beings at Rice as not only your Co-Advisor, but also your friend.