Alura Vincent

alura vincent

Woah, woah, woah, slow down. No JK you might need to speed up, because this super fast (walking) New Yorker has places to be and people to see. Meet Alura Vincent, also known as bona fide cool cat. She is a senior mechanical engineer at Martel. I must say, you are in luck because she is an amazing person (10/10 recommend). If you’re wondering what she’s like, think cool aunt Advisor (see Amy Poehler in all roles). She is a native New Yorker #Queens and #caw-fee anyone (and is persistently working on her Southern y’all’s)!? You can spot this smart kid all over campus. Managing the Hoot (late night food, yum), leading the Society for Women Engineers, treasuring Martel Money (she buys us things), having deep life talks on the Martel hammock, or dominating the powder- puff field. She has been to Spain so she can talk to you about studying abroad, or just anything from EDM to Minions. If Alura Vincent is your Advisor, consider yourself super lucky because she is one of the most sweet, caring, and welcoming people at Rice, and without a doubt one of the best Advisors that you could have!

Jacqui Lee

jacqui lee

Sophomore (Videographer) She’s beauty and she’s grace. She’s Miss Jacqui “Queen” Lee. Don’t let her elegant presence intimidate you. Jacqui is the friendliest, most helpful person you will meet. She’s involved all over campus, so she has answers to all of your tough questions. If you need help, you can find her in her natural habitat: Rice Coffeehouse. She won’t stop until the problem is solved. This computer science major is an expert in ultimate Frisbee, Martel Parliament, Academic Advising, and Christian fellowship on campus. She’s also an expert in not walking more than fifty feet without saying hey to somebody she knows. If Jacqui is your O-Week Advisor, you are one lucky New Student. She’ll work her way into your heart, and by the end of the week, you too will be saying, ” No, no it’s chill. ”


Iker Wang

iker wang

Aren’t you lucky to have Iker Wang as your Advisor this year? Iker, the very name echoes throughout the halls of Martel with tales of kindness, friendship, and good times. While he may seem quiet at first, Iker is truly the kind of man who will always have your back, whether it’s for a board game, an epic fight, a trip to pub or just to hang out. He’s not just fun, however, Iker is also an excellent student of mechanical engineering, with his TAs calling him a golden student. Iker Wang makes for a great friend, a fantastic Martellian, and an excellent Advisor.


Akin Bruce

akin bruce

In Memphis, Tennessee, born and raised; on the playground is where he spent most of his days. Meet Akin Bruce. The man. The myth. The lover of the color orange. If this guy is your Advisor, I would consider running. NOW! Just kidding. (Mostly). This Statistics and Mathematical Economic Analysis double major not only loves the color orange with a burning passion, but he also loves playing Super Smash Bros in the Lovett commons, hanging out with friends, and petting the Rice squirrels (the fluffy ones, the other ones are mean). He is also a tour guide, a referee at the Recreation Center, the treasurer of Rice’s Black Student Association, and a member of Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship. He has an amazing knack for bringing everyone together and is just a ball of energy. Akin is a really awesome person and you should consider yourself extremely extremely lucky if you have him as an Advisor. (Expect bear hugs if he randomly sees you around campus.) Side note: If you ever get him to a dance floor, you should totally ask him to show you his moves.