Hawaii Five Lilo

  Ellie Mix

If you are reading this, you are so lucky because you have Ellie Mix as your advisor and get to experience her immense kindness and weird quirks!! Ellie, the queen of aesthetic, was born in Southern California but grew up in San Antonio, Texas. She is an English major and a ridiculously good writer; when everyone is worried about midterms and finals, Ellie will casually be writingfour papers in one week – NBD. Outside the classroom, Ellie is on staff at the Thresher (Rice’s newspaper) AND the Rice Review (Rice’s literary magazine). You may also see her around Martel, selling our dope merchandise, taking pictures at Martel events as a Historian, or crafting the perfect video as our Stitch & LilO-Week Videographer! Oh, and if you ever need help taking the perfect picture for your food Instagram, Ellie is your girl. You will learn to love her weird habits – she drinks iced tea for breakfast, for example – because she is just so fun to be around. Ellie is a loyal friend who is always up for an adventure – as long as it is not past her11 pm bedtime.

Gabby Falcon

Ever heard angels singing in your dreams? Surprise, it’s actually THE queen, THE greatest, THE one and only…. Gabby Falconnnnn *roaring crowd*. Gabby hails from Fort Worth, Texas and is a diehard Cowboys fan. Not only does she love watching football, “Falcon Punch” demolishes while playing on Martel’s legendary powderpuff team. She absolutely loves naps and Netflix, and can be frequently found treating herself to postmates food at midnight. Gabby’s dance moves will also have you in awe, so ask her to teach you a thing or two. When she’s not busy working as a manager in Coffeehouse (hit her up for free drinks), Gabby responsibly fulfills her duties as Martel’s CJ (Chief Justice). She is one of the most reliable, sweet, and approachable people you will ever meet. So, if you ever need someone to talk to about political science (her major), Bob’s Burgers, the latest drama on twitter, or literally anything, Gabby’s your girl.

Justin Fan

A caring friend who always goes out of his way to help others, it’s hard not to be a Fan of Justin. Hailing from Hong Kong, this computer science junior is always working hard — whether it be on a comp project, in the weight room, or steaming milk for your latte at Coffeehouse — but he’s never too busy to ask how your day is and to catch up with friends. In your spare time, ask Justin to serenade you with his melodious voice and guitar playing skills. It’s no surprise that he’s a member of Rice Nocturnal, an acapella group, and leads Happy Birthday singing for fellow Martelians. Get hype to meet your Fan-tastic advisor, Justin!

Patrick Young

Here are some MUST knows about Lovett College Junior Patrick Young: he is one of the kindest people you will ever meet, he is basically nocturnal, and his passion for the Pittsburgh Steelers is all consuming and unwavering. If you don’t believe me check out his choice of room decor: terrible towels, a Ben Roethlisberger cardboard cutout, and more terrible towels. Pat hails from Mamaroneck, NY (but was born in Pittsburgh which explains the obsession) and is the youngest of 5 boys. Though he will be humble about it, there is not one sport Patrick cannot play and is on basically 1000 different intramural teams. If he is not playing sports, he can be found working on completing his Cog Sci major, coaching Lovett’s Powderpuff team, playing Legend of Zelda for hours, or taking truly unflattering pictures of people on Snapchat (seriously, watch out…). This Lovett sports stud is also incredibly sweet and embodies the meaning of Ohana in his everyday life. His room is always open if you need someone to talk to, a laugh, or some comfort food aka Pat’s specialty Ramen. You are truly one lucky duck to have Pat as a Co-Advisor.

Ileana Martinez

Reigning from the 305, Ileana Martínez is a true Miami girl who loves the beach and a big city skyline. Ile (ee-leh) is a rising junior studying MathEcon and Business. A proud Latina, Ile is la vicepresidenta of HACER, Rice’s Hispanic Student Association, and you’ll find her coordinating its annual Hispanic cultural show, Ritmo. Despite her position of power, Ile has a few weaknesses. Notably, anything with avocados or “doggos” (not kittens unless you want to see her sneezing!) will make her weak in the knees. Since coming to Houston, Ile has grown a strong affinity for Asian food (ask her where to get great poke or ramen). If she’s not attending a million consulting info sessions, she’s convincing you to play ping pong with her, re-watching Friends for the umpteenth time, or teaching you how to play Sushi Go, Biblios, or anything else this board game fanatic has hoarded over the years. Full of motherly instinct, Ile will always be there to take care of you whether it means making you a cup of tea when you’re sick or giving you a new perspective on any situation you throw at her. Get ready to not only have an amazing DF and Advisor but also a reliable, understanding, and loving friend.