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Erica Cheung

erica cheung

Ever wondered where to find quirky Houston art or all of the cats on Rice’s campus? Well Erica has got all the answers for you. Erica is a senior from New Jersey, majoring in English and VADA—which means she takes pictures of dead flowers for class and pictures of her food for fun. And speaking of food, boy does she have you covered. Erica has got mad baking skills, so if you need a cookie and someone to listen, she will always be there. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Rice literary magazine, where she truly earns her title as a one stop shop for all things ~aesthetic~ and culture on campus.  Do not let these things fool you into thinking she is a hipster, however, because her dislike of coffee and love of the gym are antidote for that. She can often be found running the outer loop listening to any EDM that inspires her to run faster, or avoiding the Houston humidity on the elliptical indoors. Finally, no matter where in the world you arrived from, Erica will be thrilled hear all about it. She’s seen the world and driven coast to coast, visiting each tourist trap, art museum, and hole-in-the-wall restaurant along the way. She will tell you all about her adventures, but only in exchange for your favorite travel story and bearing with her as she raves about the white sands of New Mexico.

(written by Haley Uustal)

Vincent Gonzalez

Vincent, Vincent, Vincent… What can be said about a man with so many sides? Being a CAAM/MTEC double major, this man has enough mathematical prowess to bend time. On a daily basis, Vincent spends 4 hours working, 12 hours socializing, 6 hours reading, 3 hours playing Smash Bros., 5 hours at Coffeehouse (hit him up for those free shift drinks), and 4 hours sleeping. Don’t let this seemingly busy schedule fool you; if you need a friend, a dance partner, or just someone to help you find adventure, Vincent will meet your needs without hesitation. Going to an art show? Hit him up. Got some questions about the latest developments in energy policy? He’s your man. Curious about ~l o v e~? Strap in y’all, because with Vincent as your advisor, you’re on the fast track to having a blast 34 hours a day, 9 days a week.

Jackson Taylor

jackson taylor

Jackson Taylor may sound like the most generic boy yo    u could ever meet, but don’t worry, he’s anything but. In fact, one cool thing about him is that he’s lived all around the world from Nigeria to Indonesia. So cultured. This Austin native will make your freshman year completely legendary, just like how he single-handedly spearheaded a campus-wide legislation to bring back bacon in the servery. When he’s not busy dabbing to anything and everything, he’s either practicing drawing hexagons for his orgo classes, or on the field playing lacrosse. As a chemical engineering major, he’s one of the hardest working people you’ll meet, but even with all this ambition, he always puts his friends first. If you’re having a bad day or a tough week, Jackson will be there to send you a couple dog videos to cheer you up or just binge watch TV with you. And with his signature hugs (if they don’t break your ribs), you can’t help but be in a good mood around him. All in all, he’s truly a great friend and you’re beyond lucky to have him as an advisor! Get pumped for an unforgettable Rice and Martel experience (‘cause let’s be honest – Jackson Taylor is an unforgettable experience).

Brenda Zhou

brenda zhou

Introducing the sweetest, most talented human around, Brenda Zhou is truly the entire package. This Rice EMS In Charge loves chilling with friends, eating good food and saving lives, all 3 of which she does on a daily basis. Straight outta the glorious state of New Jersey, Brenda keeps it real while also being cuter than a kpop star (ask her about her forbidden love for G-Dragon). This Biochem pre-med’s days are always jam-packed, but she will never fail to provide huge smiles and boundless positive energy to her friends. When she isn’t cruising around campus in the EMS Tahoe looking fly and saving lives, she cultivates a refined appreciation of corgi butts and is lowkey an Instafamous, Hanszen meme queen. Due to her limitless talents, she is always down for anything, from half marathons to car karaoke to lurking on puppies. When your first glimpse of her beauty shocks you into cardiac arrest, she can restart your heart and, maybe if you’re lucky, teach you how to love again. Indisputably the chosen one, Brenda is a tiny, fierce warrior destined for a path of greatness and will definitely bring you along.


Kaarthika Thakker

kaarthika thaker

Imagine you’re taking a walk around campus with your beautiful, amazing Diversity Facilitator, Kaarthika Thakker. (This could very well happen in real life. Kaarthika likes walks. She took a whole class about walking). First you’d probably notice that she walks very slowly – her pace is almost glacial. Maybe she’s weighed down by her giant orange water bottle, or maybe her parachute pants are catching the wind and slowing her down. It’s okay though – this snail-like speed gives you time to talk. Kaarthika likes talking. She’ll ask you lots of deep, personal questions. She’ll also tell you about herself. She’ll tell you all about the hidden gems of her home state of Ohio. Your first stop on this walk is the KTRU station, where Kaarthika dominates the airwaves on the reg. You talk about music – she knows many a band and her music taste is better than yours. It just is. It’s a fact. Next, you’ll go to Coffeehouse, Kaarthika’s favorite study spot/second home. She’ll inevitably run into someone from one of her classes, and you’ll end up talking about computer science or sociology, her two majors. Then you’ll pop over to the Women’s Resource Center to chat with whoever’s there. You might talk about art, which Kaarthika knows so much about it almost seems like she’s speaking in an incomprehensible code. On the way out of the RMC, Kaarthika will point out her spirit tree. Why don’t I have a spirit tree, you might ask. It’s okay, Kaarthika will help you find it as you walk back to her room at Lovett for a cup of tea – she has tea out the wazoo and can make mean cup of Chai.