KanLei West

Justin TangJustin Tang

You’re in for a really wild time if you have Justin as an advisor. There’s definitely two major parts of him that makes him who he is. At any given time, he’s more than happy to nerd out with you over academics, Overwatch, Marvel movies, and anything in between but on the other end he’s absolutely ridiculous. He has enough energy to probably fuel New York City, where he claims to be from because he’s too embarrassed to say New Jersey and he lives “close enough,” and he’ll be essentially bouncing off walls if given the opportunity. When he’s not ironically and aggressively dabbing, he’s “studying” for his classes by being on Facebook and bothering his friends around him who are trying to work, and yet still manages to do well. He really is just full of surprises and useless talents such as but not limited to taking his shirt off in one motion with one hand (ask him, it’s weird), flipping up from the ground using just his head, and obsessing over his unhealthy love for Sriracha. In all honesty, Justin really is a great friend to have, and he’s going to be an amazing advisor. He’ll be as caring and loving as he is with all his friends and devote a lot of time to you and to helping you. He’s ridiculous to no end, but at the end of the day he’s someone you’re going to love having around.

Sarah BertonSarah Berton

A combo of sarcasm and smarts, Sarah is an aspiring lawyer studying political science and sociology. Whether she’s representing her class at Parliament or leading a small group for Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, this Nutella enthusiast infuses love and laughter into all that she does. Born and raised in San Antonio, Sarah’s love for the Spurs and salsa is second to none. When she’s not working for the Rice Annual Fund or leading the Service Committee, Sarah can be found napping in her hammock or rewatching Office bloopers. In her free time, Sarah enjoys obsessing over the Obama family, slaying in Scattergories, developing her dance moves, memorizing Malala’s memoir, slurping smoothies, and fangirling over Jimmy Fallon. Hit up this awesome advisor for obscure documentary recommendations, Bachelor spoilers, ice cream runs, and earnest advice—Sarah is so excited to meet you!

Elliot Baerman

Elliot Baerman

As the old saying goes, slow and steady wins the race. Try that strategy on Elliot Axel Baerman and he’ll have beaten you and watched an episode of Game of Thrones by the time you finish. This two-time intramural mile champion is no stranger to winning. He won Mr. Martel and the Martel Strongman contest. But despite all that, this Tennessee native is one of the most down to earth people you will meet.

Elliot is a man of many interests. He’s an avid Chicago sports fan and he’s all about deep-dish pizza from Gino’s East. He’s always down to start a new TV show to add to his list, which includes Game of Thrones, Daredevil, and Narcos. His favorite animal is the elephant and he’s got the t-shirts to prove it. You can find him at lab designing gene circuits, studying biochem at Rice Coffeehouse, playing chess, or actually right behind you because he’s always got your back.  You are incredibly lucky to have this man as your advisor!

Anna CowanAnna Cowan

Despite pronouncing “pen” and “pin” the same way, Anna Cowan is pretty darn cool. This CAAM major from Nashville, Tennessee is brilliant so feel free to hit her up if you’re ever unsure of the eigenvectors for your projection matrix (is that even a thing?… idk). As a junior at Jones, she spends her time fixing her jank computer (which breaks monthly), volunteering with Dream, leading with Chi Alpha, telling others #whyRCEL, biking for the glory of Jones, and making her friends laugh. You’ll love her down-to-earth personality and easy sense of humor, both of which she uses to make everything better when you’re feeling down. Anna will make you feel right at home at Rice and Martel; you’re so lucky to have scored the absolute best coadvisor!

Ileana Martinez

Reigning from the 305, Ileana Martínez is a true Miami girl who loves the beach and a big city skyline. Ile (ee-leh) is a rising junior studying MathEcon and Business. A proud Latina, Ile is la vicepresidenta of HACER, Rice’s Hispanic Student Association, and you’ll find her coordinating its annual Hispanic cultural show, Ritmo. Despite her position of power, Ile has a few weaknesses. Notably, anything with avocados or “doggos” (not kittens unless you want to see her sneezing!) will make her weak in the knees. Since coming to Houston, Ile has grown a strong affinity for Asian food (ask her where to get great poke or ramen). If she’s not attending a million consulting info sessions, she’s convincing you to play ping pong with her, re-watching Friends for the umpteenth time, or teaching you how to play Sushi Go, Biblios, or anything else this board game fanatic has hoarded over the years. Full of motherly instinct, Ile will always be there to take care of you whether it means making you a cup of tea when you’re sick or giving you a new perspective on any situation you throw at her. Get ready to not only have an amazing DF and Advisor but also a reliable, understanding, and loving friend.