Stitch Perfect

Cindy Ryoo

Was that a sloth dying of a heart attack you just heard? Or maybe the shrie    king intro to RL Grime’s classic banger “Waiting?” Lucky for you that wheezing caw you heard was neither of the above, but rather the unfortunately loud laugh of potentially the sweetest person in the entire universe, and your O-Week advisor, Cindy Ryoo. This kick-butt Korean from Los Angeles came to Rice to study 7-12 education and bake delicious goodies, and she’s all out of education classes. Whether you need life advice, hugs, late-night spicy seafood ramen, your hair dyed or all of the above, this artsy wonder-woman has you covered. Cindy loves EDM, dogs, food and friends, she’s involved with the Future Teachers of America and is spending her summer teaching low-income students in Austin. It seems the only thing this amazing woman can’t do is wake up before noon on a weekend! All in all, you just got lucky new student, because Cindy Ryoo is one of Martel’s many treasures, and now she is your next advisor.

Peter Rizzi

If you have Peter Rizzi, AKA “Pete,” “Pizza Rizzi,” or “Math God,” as your advisor, you have just won O-Week. Peter is the sweetest, smartest, most athletic, and all-around greatest guy you can find. In his free time, you can find him catching L’s on NBA 2K or in the Rice swimming pool because he doesn’t have basic aquatic survival skills, and catching W’s in just about everything else. As a club basketball player, he balls people up on the daily. As a member of the Rice Finance Club, he gets those sick returns on his investments. As a Martellian, he will brighten up your day just by seeing him. Since he studies economics and statistics, naturally he follows the Statistical Statistics Memes, Mathematical Mathematics Memes, and Elastic Economics Memes for Entrepreneurial Teens Facebook pages so he can show you a wide range of quality memes about what he is passionate most about. Get ready for the time of your life with Peter Rizzi, the Mom of all of Martel and who hails from the great state of North Virginia (actually North Carolina, ask Bunt about this one).

Lavan Rajan

Lavan Rajan (n) – Sri Lankan, Kinesiology – Sports Medicine Major, Martel Senior, California native, Pre- M.D., and music fanatic.

This full package that is Lavan Rajan will be at your service this O-Week and you’ll be more than happy to have him as your advisor. He’ll have endless stories to tell about the concerts he was able to be witness to over the years. Talk about LOYALTY? He’s got that built into his DNA and will put on his Lakers onesie to prove it. If you need some advice on how to manage your time and still party, just ask him about his week. You’ll see him ballin’ it up at the rec, playing the drums, and running the game on the Martel intramural soccer team. What you won’t see him do is mentor refugee children, work shifts at his lab in BCM, and break the curves in all your pre-med classes. He’ll have a summer abroad in Spain under his belt so you know he’ll have plenty to talk about if you want cool stories of him and his Summer Friends. Whatever your freshman needs may be, this man will deliver. If you catch this man at the pool, you’ll be able to tell it’s your advisor that’s got it all when you see a man that’s got cuts better than USDA Prime. Aside from just having things, he’s a man that gives willingly to people he cares about whether it be time, resources, or food (maybe stay away from this). He’s sat through numerous homework help sessions as a Martel Mentor and almost shared his Korean fried chicken with his friend. If you need help, just call and he’ll Pick Up the Phone and be where you are. He’s easy to talk to and HUMBLE, so you’ll have No Problem getting along with this man. If you’re ever feeling under pressure, get some genuine Lav’in and advice from him and he’ll be there to help you get the full Rice experience.

Antonia Iyer

How to describe Antonia? In her words, “I need a minute.” Antonia is a woman who loves nothing more than sitting in a well-ventilated room, cup of tea in hand, contemplating SNL imitation strategies. The Onion article, “Dad suggests leaving for the airport 14 hours early”, was actually written about her. She watches The West Wing out of sheer appreciation for the series economizing her time with all that walking-and-talking through hallways. A classical music aficionado, on Saturdays you may find her lugging her cello to Shepherd School of Music. A little-known fact about Antonia is that (affectionately deemed “GIF Queen”) she could have an entire conversation or spirited debate using only GIFS. To sum it up, the woman loves four things: Seibel servery, Julie Andrews, anytime Jean Ralphio sings on Parks and Rec, and God himself — in that order. She enjoys service learning (and will be leading an ASB trip next year!) and is also a huge policy-wonk, so feel free to talk to her about those topics and more! *checks the time* Let’s bring this puppy home. As an O-Week Advisor, Antonia will be there for you no matter what, ready to drive you to a hipster coffee shop to get some studying in or just to talk. She will give you your space when you need it and be there to encourage you also. She will be genuine and honest with you and make you laugh. 10/10 would recommend

Colin Nyhus

How does one even begin to describe Colin Nyhus? He’s a modern Renaissance man of sorts. When he’s not busy killing it as a mechanical engineering major, you can find Colin putting in work at the gym or watching Being Mary Jane on Netflix. Colin is passionate about music, more specifically rap and R&B (think Future and 21 Savage). When he’s not listening to Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE album for the millionth time, you might find him brushing up on his jazz trumpet skills (classy, I know!). This sneaker-head can talk about the latest Yeezys and Nike Jordans for hours on end (I’m speaking from experience), so if you ever need help with your shoe game, he’s your man. Beyond shoes and music, Colin is genuinely one of the most empathetic and understanding people you’ll meet during your time at Rice. Whether you go to him to talk about social justice issues, what’s going on in your life, or even the weather, Colin is guaranteed to make you feel at home. He’s an incredible listener, an even better friend, and very excited to meet you this O-Week!