327 Resident Associates

Norma Santamaria

Hey Martel! I’m Norma and I’m excited to be your third-floor RA!

A little bit about me: I’m originally from New York City and moved to Texas after earning an BA in Romance Languages and Literature with a Certificate in Latin American Studies from Princeton University. I subsequently earned a JD from The University of Texas at Austin. Before coming to Rice, I taught Spanish to adolescents at a Montessori school here in Houston. I’ve now worked at Rice as a Program Administrator in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department for the last five years.

I enjoy cooking Caribbean and Spanish dishes, dancing salsa, doing crafts like sewing and knitting, traveling, watching documentaries, and rediscovering Houston, especially its many ethnic communities. On campus, you might see me in one of your classes as a student since I am a lifelong learner and appreciate taking an occasional sociology, history or Spanish literature course.

I became a Martel RA in January 2018. One of the many activities I am involved in at the college is being the advisor to the Martel Diversity Council. I’m looking forward to getting to know you, hosting fun study breaks and Spanish language tables at lunch, and discussing topics of mutual interest with you, whether seemingly silly or serious. Don’t hesitate to stop for a visit at #B327, in the Commons or Rotunda. You’ll also get to meet Lassie, a 15 year-old American Eskimo/Border Collie who loves being on campus, taking long walks, and enjoying the greenery.

Reach me at 713-348-7541 (landline) or norma.santamaria@rice.edu