College Coordinator

Bonnie Stroman

Hi, my name is Bonnie Stroman. I joined Martel College as the coordinator in March 2017. I am a native Houstonian, married to Mike, a Rice alumnus. My oldest daughter, Lauren, and her husband, Kevin Hirshberg are alums, as well. I have two other grown children: Ben, who is married to Julia, and our youngest, Allie. I am a grandmother, better known as Bon-Bon to my adorable granddaughter, Avery and hope that there will be more grandchildren in the future. I have two miniature piebald dachshunds, Sophie and Ringo, that are pretty cute, but very needy. Family activities are at the center of my busy life. I enjoy volunteering, cooking, entertaining, music, art and movies.

Before becoming the coordinator at Martel, I worked in Rice’s Development and Alumni Relations department for over ten years. Being a college coordinator is something I have wanted for some time because it involves working with students, which I feel are the heart of Rice! Do not hesitate to come to me with any type of question! I am here to help you and Martel College as a whole. I can sell you a stamp, fax a document, tell about great places to eat or shop, and support your Martel activities. I handle everything from keys to Band-Aids. I love when students drop by the office for their packages, mail, maybe some candy, or just to say hello. I enjoy learning about where you come from, your family, your guilty pleasures and what you are studying at Rice. I am a good listener and I can give out advice, hugs, and occasionally, a little sarcasm. I will also give you a “mom” nudge when needed. The coolest aspect of this job is meeting you as freshmen, watching you change, and crying when you leave as seniors. The Martel community describes itself as being a family, and I am so very happy Martel chose me to be part of their big, terrific family. Welcome to Martel!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at stroman@rice.edu713-348-4944 (Phone), or 713-348-4941 (Fax).